Fr Peter Scorer (1942-2020)

On September 11th we lost our dearest friend Fr Peter Scorer, after a short illness. He will be missed by so many people.

With Peter and family we shared a rich church life together, for which we are always grateful. Our families first met at the small church at Willand, belonging to Fr Barnabas, in the early 70s, where we also met Fr Nicanor. We met most Sundays for the Liturgy, and we also shared many feasts and celebrations together.

When Fr Barnabas left Willand to return to Wales, there was already a small active parish in North Devon which he had served. John was ordained priest and Peter was ordained deacon, and with the help of Bishop Anthony, the Devon parish developed and grew.

Fr Peter and Fr John always worked well together, in the parish, in the Deanery and at annual conferences. Fr Peter also worked hard at the summer camps; the children who attended over many years have fond memories of time spent at the camps.

Fr Peter’s ordination to the priesthood in February this year was attended by many people, and the following Sunday he celebrated the Liturgy in Sts Simeon’s and Anna’s in Combe Martin.

We all miss him and the part he played in the parish.

May his memory be eternal.

Father John, Dawn and Naomi Marks

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