Unusual Paschal Services in Devon

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Fr Patrick.

Our Nomadic Pascha


To quote Fr Anthony Hughes in our issue of 25th April, 'Each Holy Week is different.’  Well, Holy Week and Pascha have certainly felt very different for us from last year to this.  Last year, we were in the depths of the first Covid lockdown.  Celia had come up with the idea of putting out a weekly newsletter to keep us in touch with one another, and since we could not go to church, we turned small corners of our houses into churches.  Father Peter, so recently ordained, gave huge comfort by livestreaming services from Barnfield Road not only to us in the parish but to a much wider circle.  Some of us quietly read the services from the Triodion.  On Easter Day many of us joined a Zoom party which was the nearest we could get to greeting one another with a kiss.

The most obvious practical difference this Pascha was that churches could open for public worship.  This presented problems for us, though.  Not only was Saint Anne's quite unsuitable for any gathering with social distancing, but – and this was much more difficult – Fr Peter was hugely absent.  As Lent proceeded it seemed we had nowhere to meet and no-one to lead us.

Archbishop's visit to the parish of St Peter and St Paul in London in Clapham and ordination of Father Stefan

The Divine Liturgy celebrated on Sunday 11th November 2018 at the the parish of St Peter and St Paul in London was presided by Archbishop John, assisted by Archpriest Patrick Hodson (dean of the UK), Archpriest Alexander (rector of our parish), Father Ian Wallis (rector of the parish of the Nativity of Christ, Lewes), Father Ian (assist

Northern Singing

News form the Community of St Bega, St Mungo, St Cuthbert & St Herbert, Keswick, UK.

Matushka Elizabeth, with Fr Timothy Curtis, have conducted two music workshops in our parish this year. These have been hugely successful, and have motivated and inspired us in the formation of a choir. Because they took place here, they were well attended by our busy working members who would not be free to travel away. We highly recommend the format and style used, being informative and positive, yet relaxed, and effectively encouraging those recent members entirely new to Orthodox singing. The whole parish has been revitalized by these two events.

Thanks be to God.
Jenny Musther, Parish secretary


Patronal Festival and ordination - St Peter and St Paul, London

Please join us for the patronal festival of our parish - the feast of St Peter and St Paul, to be celebrated this year during the last weekend of June. takes back it's name

The Parish of Saints Aidan and Chad in Nottingham had temporary problems with their domain name,

This is now solved and the website is accessible via the usual link

Community of St Simeon and St Anna, Harpenden

Priest responsible: Fr Stephane Maikovsky

Location: St Mary’s Church,
Hemel Hempstead Road
Redbourn, Hertfordshire, AL3 7DU
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Parish of the Holy Transfiguration, Walsingham

Priests responsible:

Father Christopher Knight
Father David Davis
Archpriest Patrick Hodson

Location: The Orthodox Church of the Holy Transfiguration, Scarborough Road, Great Walsingham, Norfolk NR22 6DP


Orthodox Parish of Saint John the Theologian, Norwich

Priests responsible:

Location: as of June 2014 - Trinity United Reformed Church, Unthank Road, Norwich, NR2 .


The Orthodox Eucharistic Community Of St Theodore Of Canterbury

Worshipping at The Memorial Chapel, King's School, Canterbury, Kent CT1 2ES
Priest in charge: Archpriest Alexander Fostiropoulos




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