Communiqué from the Diocesan Office on the conclusions of the ‘Ad Hoc’ Disciplinary Commission

As already indicated (cf. The communiqués from the Diocesan Office of 16th October and 9th November) following the summons taken out against him by five members of the Parish Council of the Cathedral of St Alexander Nevsky, Archbishop Gabriel, in conformity with the statutes of the Archdiocese, turned to the Disciplinary Commission (the ecclesiastical tribunal or official body).


Communiqué from the Diocesan Office on the meeting of the Archdiocesan Council held on 4th December 2012


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Communiqué of the Diocesan Administration

Communiqué of the Diocesan AdministrationOctober 16 2012On Saturday 13 October, upon his return from visiting the convent of the Protecting Veil of the Most Holy Mother of God, Archbishop Gabriel found among his mail a summons to appear before the Paris 'Tribunal de Grande Instance' (Civil Court) at the demand of five members of the parish assembly of the Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Paris:  Deacon  Jean Drobot, Madame Karin Wothe, Mr Basile de Tiesenhausen, Mr Viktor Loupan, Mr Vadim Tichonicki.  These five members, who are in disagreement with Archbishop


Easter Message of His Eminence Archbishop Gabriel of Comana, Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarch.
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Archbishop Gabriel’s health

Archbishop Gabriel was victim to a small brain haemorrhage at the end of last week, after the celebration of the feast of the Nativity according to the Julian calendar. According to the doctors, this haemorrhage is a sequela of the chemotherapy treatment which he had received during 2011. He went into Bichat Hospital on the evening of Saturday 7th January, and he was discharged on Monday 9th January. He feels well, but following the advice of the doctors he left immediately to rest. He has cancelled all his appointments for the month of January.

Communiqué No. 04-11 of the Council of the Archdiocese

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His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholemew, 2011 Message for the Day of the Protection of the Environment

Beloved children in the Lord, 

God’s grace renders us worthy today to commence yet another ecclesiastical year, one more festive cycle, within whose blessed opportunities we are called to struggle spiritually in order better to evaluate the potential that we have been granted for growing “in the likeness” of God so that we also might become His saints.   More here

Latest Communiqué from the Archdiocese

Click here for the Communiqué N° 03-11 of the Diocesan Council Meeting on June 22nd and 23rd 2011.


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