Data Privacy Notice


Your personal data: your consent
You may request at any time that any of your personal data – in our possession – be either
removed/deleted or corrected, for whatever reason.

Electronic data
The data currently collected is primarily your email address and/or phone number and/or
postal address.

Paper Records
We receive some hard copy Application Forms.

How is your personal data processed?
Your personal data is used for the following purposes:

  • Website: to send email newsletters
  • Conference:
    • To notify the venue about the numbers booked to come, and individual requirements;
    • To allocate rooms to the applicants;
    • To allocate people to the workshops of their choice;
    • To allocate children and youngsters to the Children’s & Teenage Programmes;
    • To help organise the people who have volunteered to help at the venue;
    • To inform applicants both about future renewals, and current related notices.

On what basis is your personal data processed?
Explicit consent is needed for us to keep people informed about future renewals, and current
related notices; and also to process Gift Aid, when applicable. Processing relates only to
attendees/former attendees of the event, or those who wish to have contact with the
organisers, for whatever purpose.

Sharing your personal data
This information is treated as confidential, and not shared with anyone else, unless necessary
to the delivery of the event.

How long is your personal data kept?
The information need not be kept longer than 3 years; however, Gift Aid declarations, and
associated paperwork, should be kept for up to 6 years, after the calendar year to which they