HELP Fund-raising effort started by the Conference Youth

We are from the Teenage Programme from this year’s Conference, and in our workshops, we decided to start a charity effort to raise money to help those far less fortunate than ourselves. In the end, we chose to donate to help the emigrants fleeing their home countries. We want to make a difference to the lives of people who have little or nothing left - and we need the help of everyone to achieve this.

Our fund-raising campaign is called HELP [Help Emigrants Live Peacefully].
We will be launching this charity effort in our own parishes, and are hoping that others will spread the word too. We have set ourselves a target of £1,500 to raise by next Conference. We have created a “Just Giving” website for donations, It is easy to use, and if everyone gives a little, together we will make a huge difference.

The charity we have chosen to support is Safe Passage UK , which helps unaccompanied children, as well as vulnerable adults, who have a legal claim to asylum to access safe legal routes to the UK. So far, this charity has reunited over 60 refugee children and vulnerable adults with their families in the UK. This money would really make a difference to them and the refugees they work with.

So, we want to begin now - Advent is a time for reflection and thinking of others; Christmas is a time for giving and spreading the message of love to all people. These people need our help, so please give some thought and a gift of money to make their lives change a little for the better.

The HELP team: Rachel, Daniil, Christopher, Luc, Gilly, Viktor & Ginka