Communiqué from the Archdiocesan Office 12 December 2012

On the occasion of the official visit by His Holiness Ecumencal Partriarch Bartholomew I to France from December 10th to 12th 2012, he was received, among others, by the President of the Republic, M. François Hollande, the Prime Minister, M. Jean-Marc Ayrault, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, M. Laurent Fabius, and the Minister of the Interior, M. Manuel Valls.

The Messenger July 2012 is out

The Journal of the Deanery, The Messenger is now published. The latest issue is July 2012, available as a hard-copy or PDF.
Content and editorial (July 2012)

The Messenger March 2012 is out

The Journal of the Deanery, The Messenger is out. the latest issue is March 2012.

New community: St Simeon and St Anna in Harpenden

Led by Fr Stephane Maikovsky, this new community celebrates a Liturgy once a month at the moment.
For more info and worship schedule, please visit this link.

Meeting of the deanery clergy 21-22 October 2011

Twenty one members of the clergy of the deanery of parishes in Great Britain and Ireland met for two days in London on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 October.

Staying overnight in the same accommodation allows our clergy to meet informally on the Friday evening.

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Deacon Julian Sadowski

Deacon Julian Sadowski was ordained priest in Paris on Sunday, 18th September.  A short article and some photos to follow.

Communiqué N ° 01-11 of the Diocesan Administration

Following the publication on the site "Let's talk about orthodoxy" hosted by the Diocese of Chersonese of the Moscow Patriarchate in France of a report that Father Nicolas Ozolin (son) would be appointed rector of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Nice, Archbishop Gabriel and the Diocesan administration wish to point out that they have received n


Latest Communiqué from the Archdiocese

Click here for the Communiqué N° 01-11 of the Council of the Archdiocese Meetings of 24 February 2011.

Communiqué from the Archdiocese on Archbishop Gabriel’s health

On January 27 Archbishop Gabriel underwent a surgical operation which had been planned for some time. He was released from hospital on 2 February and after a short convalescence resumed his duties at the headquarters of the Archdiocese on February 22. The operation went well, a lung tumour was removed, postoperative test results are satisfactory and doctors say they are confident.


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