Procedure for the election of the new Archbishop

Following the visit to the Patriarchate by a delegation of the Council, this is the procedure which we will follow at our Extraordinary General Assembly on Thursday 31 October (evening) and
Friday 1 November 2013.

  • We start by explaining, debating and voting on the amendment to the statutes
  • This amendment requires the approval of the Holy Synod
  • The list of candidates who conform to the newly adopted statutes is sent to the Holy Synod
  • The Holy Synod examines the list of candidates and replies with its advice
  • We proceed to the pre-election of the new Archbishop after the liturgy on Friday
  • 1 November which will be celebrated in the St Alexander Nevsky cathedral
  • The results will be sent to the Holy Synod

To make all of this possible, communication between the Archdiocese and the Holy Synod will be made by fax, as both bodies will be meeting at the same time. After the election of the Archbishop, the points on the agenda for the Ordinary General Assembly will be dealt with. This meeting will continue until the evening of 1 November.

Clergy responsible for communities (rectors and priests in charge) will have received instructions to proceed with the selection of their new lay delegates.  It should be noted that parish communities should proceed with the election of new delegates for the period 2013-2016.

We emphasise the need for all clergy and lay delegates to be present at the General Assemblies to the very end, and not to leave before Saturday.

Below is the list of candidates proposed by the Archdiocesan Council and which will be sent to the Holy Synod for approval following the adoption of amendments to the statutes:

The CVs of the candidates can be seen by clicking on each of their names.