Conference / Festival 2017 open for applications

This newsletter comes to you by way of wishing you all a 'Happy New Year!' and announcing that we are now ready to receive your applications to attend our annual Conference and Festival, which this year takes place from the 26th to the 29th May.
    We encourage you to book online, or you can download and post a hard copy application form: in both cases, please visit our website
    The flyer for the event can also be found on our website, so if you have a noticeboard, why not download and print a copy for display there.
    The Children's Programme - including the 11 to 17 years age range - has become a very important part of this annual event.  HELP (Help Emigrants Live Peacefully) is a charity that was set up by the teenagers at last year’s event, with the object of raising money to help unaccompanied children and vulnerable adults, who have a legal claim to asylum in the UK.  The teenagers have set themselves a target of £1,500 to raise by our renewal in May: there is a “Just Giving” website for donations, which is easy to use (or through the deanery website donations page for bank transfers) and if everyone gives a little, together we will make a huge difference.'