April 2014 Feuillet of the Exarchate in English


  1. Homily on the Sunday of the Holy Cross
  2. Annual Pastoral Assembly — MAY 1st
  3. Sunday of Orthodoxy in Marseille (France)
  4. An Ecumenical moment in Liège
  5. The Veneration of the Holy Crown of Thorns
  6. The Skete of Our Lady of Kazan in Moisenay (France)

March 2014 Feuillet of the Exarchate in English

Summary :

  1. Catechetical Homily by Patriarch Bartholomew for Holy and Great Lent
  2. Pastoral Visit by Archbishop Job to Liege (Belgium)
  3. Sunday of Orthodoxy Homily by Hegumen Elisha
  4. Report on the Synaxis of the Primates of the Orthodox Churches

The Newsletter of the Exarchate, February 2014

  1. Three day visit of the Ecumenical Patriarch to Paris
  2. Addresses by Patriarch Bartholomeos and Archbishop Job
  3. Homily of Archbishop Job on Christian Unity
  4. Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Belgium
  5. Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Metz (France)
  6. Orthodox Diocesan services

Deanery Conference and Festival 2014

The Deanery Conference and Festival 2014 is now closed for applications.

If you have any queries, or for a possible late registration, please contact the organisers.

It is with great regret that we must inform you that Archbishop Job will not be able to attend the Conference/Festival 2014, even on the last evening and Monday, because he has been summoned to accompany the Patriarch to Jerusalem.
There will therefore be no Liturgy on Monday and some adjustment to the programme.

7 May 2014

The Conference/Festival will take place between Fri 23 and Mon 26 May 2014, at the High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Herts (map).

The theme of the conference is Freedom In Christ.

This year we introduce electronic online registration as well as payments by Paypal, Credit or Debit Card and Bank Transfer. These are now the preferred methods for applying.

If you are unable to fill the electronic application, you can download a pdf application, print it and mail it along with a cheque.
If you are not in position to print the application form, please email the organisers and we will send you a paper application by post.

Before you apply please read how the charges are calculated this year.

Here is a list of all the links necessary for for this year's application.

An introductory letter to the Conference and Festival 2014 by Fr David Gill


Parish Sale & Social in St Peter and Paul, Clapham, London, 26 January 2014

Everybody is invited at the Parish Sale & Social in St Peter and Paul, Clapham, London

The event will take place on on 26 January 2014, at 2pm, after the Liturgy that starts 11:30am.

Address: St Peter's Church, Clapham Manor Street, Clapham, London, SW4 6BX (google map)

Updated timetables for Canterbury and Lamberhurst, January-March 2014

The Newsletter of the Exarchate, January 2014

Please find attached January's Newsletter of Exarchate.
Summary :
1 Christmas Message of archbishop Job of Telmessos
2 Monastery of Saint SIlouan
3 Monastery of the Protection of the Mother of God
4  Letter of Mother Eudoxia
5  Homily of saint Prophyrios
6 Monasticism in the world

The Messenger, November 2013 is published!

Christ is born - glorify him!

With some delay due to technical problems, the November 2013 Messenger, the Journal of the Deanery, has finally seen the light of day.

As always, available via subscription or single copy, paper print or digital pdf format.

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE from Archbishop Job of Telmessos

“Thou hast assumed a body of lowly clay, O Christ. By sharing our humble flesh, Thou hast made our race partakers of divinity. By becoming mortal man yet remaining God, Thou hast raised us from death to life. Holy art Thou, O Lord!” (3rd Ode of the first Canon of the Feast).

Study Weekend - Orthodox Fellowship Of St John The Baptist

"Transfiguration: The Icon as Text and Mission"
Friday 24 th   to Sunday 26 th   January 2014

Metropolitan Bishop Kallistos Ware
“The Transfiguration of Christ in the Gospels and the Church's Mission to a Suffering World”

Fr Andreas Andreopoulos
“The icon as sign, reading the icon of the Transfiguration as a text”

Aidan Hart


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