Science and The Christian Faith - a book release by Fr Christopher Knight

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    Father Christopher Knight, Rector of the Deanery’s Walsingham parish, spent the ten years before his retirement from secular employment as the Executive Secretary of the International Society for Science and Religion. In that role he had regular contact with most of the leading participants in the science-theology dialogue around the world, but became concerned that very few Orthodox were involved in that dialogue. This book represents his reflections on the questions about science that he frequently encounters in Orthodox circles. The book is, he says in his Introduction, “aimed, not primarily at academics but at the ordinary, intelligent believer whose formal education may have included neither science nor theology at an advanced level.”

    In the Foreword to the book, Peter Bouteneff writes “I am grateful for this book, for making me think anew on questions I thought I had resolved, and consider questions that I had not before. I believe it will become an indispensable resource to the Christian apologist, as well as to those interested in how Orthodox Christian frame the science/faith encounter. Finally, the inviting and learned quality of the writing makes this a book both to learn from and enjoy."

The ISBN number of the book is: 978-0881416718