Visit of Archbishop Gabriel of Comana to the Parish of the Holy Prophet Elias in Devon

On Sunday 20 June 2010 Archbishop Gabriel celebrated the Divine Liturgy in St Anne’s Church in Exeter.  He was assisted by the  Archpriest John (Marks), Fr Nikanor (Wilkins), Fr Matthew (Arnold) and Protodeacon Peter (Scorer).


It was a great joy to welcome Archbishop Gabriel for his second visit to our parish.  He had already celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the house chapel of Saints Simeon and Anna in Combe Martin on his previous visit on 11 April.


The congregation was made up of  English, Russians, Greeks, Rumanians and Bulgarians, and a large number of small children were in attendance.

At the end of the Liturgy Memory Eternal was sung to the founders of our parish, for Metropolitan Anthony, Metropolitan Evlogy, Archimandrite Barnabas and Mother Mary.

Archbishop Gabriel was able to meet with all the parishioners over coffee at St James’ church hall. 

We are most grateful to Archbishop Gabriel for making time to visit our parishes and communities in this country.